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Indian religious Kirpan legal, harmless, already manufactered and available, patented, tested even by National Weapon Test Bench.

N° Prot. Test: 104-2016/BAL - AG/vp

Every production batch is verified by a specialized certifier company in order to guarantee the control of production.

For Gurdwara (Sikh Temples or Communities) orders  please fill in the following form: Contact Form

Kirpan Legal Worldwide are sold only to Gurdwara (Sikh Temples or Communities).
For private purchases please refer to your Gurdwara (Temple or Community).

Both Kirpans and Swords are available.

Kirpan Legal Worldwide at Golden Temple

Kirpan Legal Worldwide at Golden Temple

In order to know what Kirpans have been produced until now related to their production numbers, please press on the dedicated section in the menu.

We invite Police or Authorities in case of questions or clarifications about Kirpan Legal Worldwide to contact us at the number or at the e-mails above.
We will be glad to give all the informations.

Kirpan Legal Worldwide
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